Our mission at Springs of Hope Foundation is to empower Kenya’s growing number of young, single mothers to become self-sufficient and able to educate and support her family.

44% of Kenya’s female population lives below the international poverty line of US$1.25 per day. Living in poverty with a limited education greatly hinders these women from finding quality jobs. They are often at risk of being trapped in dehumanizing professions such as the sex trade or selling illicit home brewed alcohol in order to feed their children.

In a country devastated by AIDS, many young orphaned children are left in the care of guardians or elderly grandparents. While primary school is supposed to be free for every Kenyan child the elderly caregivers often find it impossible to pay for the many extra expenses needed to keep these children in school. 

Springs of Hope Foundation strongly believes that the most effective, long term solution to poverty, child labor, and exploitation of young girls is through education and by encouraging and teaching our girls to become well-educated women.

Predominantly the lack of education for girls has to do with economics, the firstborn boy is usually sent to school if any money is available.

I have asked countless children in Kenya what they want to achieve in their lives. Their answers have been very similar. “I want to be a doctor or a business person to help my family. I want to bring clean water to my village. I want to help my grandmother, mother. I want to educate my younger siblings.”

All answers with the realization burned into the African soul…I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!!!  

Through your donations, together we can break the cycle of poverty and disease by empowering AIDS widows, orphaned and other vulnerable young women, children, and child-headed households. Help us help them achieve economic sustainability through scholarships, teaching improved farming skills, vocational training at our facility in Nakuru, training in HIV awareness and prevention, counseling and long term survival skills.

Thank you and God bless,

Jennifer Hughes-Bystrom

Founder and President of Springs of Hope Foundation

Springs of Hope Foundation is a United States IRS designated 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation and a registered charity in Australia.