The Girl Child

Growing up anywhere brings its share of problems, but growing up in a place like Kenya is a struggle that is beyond imagination. Put yourself into the shoes of a Kenyan girl; I should say feet, (many children do not wear shoes, but might wear sandals, flip-flops as I call them). You are fortunate to still be alive at the age of six, many of your friends have died of […]

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Jennifer Hughes

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Jennifer Hughes
PO Box 204
Big Bay,
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24 Gloucester Road
PO Box 1558
Buderim, QLD

Telephone 07 5477 1100

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Springs of Hope Foundation
American Bank Account
Bank of Rio Vista. 101 Main Street Rio Vista, CA 94571

Account name: Springs of Hope Foundation. Branch Routing Number: (RTN) 121106540 Account No: 0059 00322
Springs of Hope Foundation Australian Bank Account
ANZ Bank 64 Burnett St Buderim, QLD 4556 Australia

Account Name: Springs of Hope Children’s Home Inc. Branch No: (BSB) 014-512 Account No: 9045-93136